The Original Area 51 Box

This little gift box was a hit at the recent Alien Con!  A box full of Area 51 goodies including; an Area 51 Security Hat worn by the good guys over at the casino and hotel, a parking pass to show your friends how important you are, a bumper sticker, a ufo keychain (complete with alien on board) and an original, one-of-a-kind Mystic Maverick mug.  This is truly a steal with $45 worth of gear for only $25 (plus shipping of course).

The Mystic Healer Box

The Mystic Maverick isn’t limited to external phenomenon, but also knows and appreciates the paranormal aspect of ourselves. Many of us believe that the mind, body and spirit are connected and we are made of energy and vibration as well as our physical bodies.  For only $30 you get everything you see in this box; the Healing Guide, Copper Bracelet, Gemstone pendant, a purifying, natural soap and a unique “Earth Energy Squishy” with over 50 uses!  Treat yourself to this little “tool kit” to tune up your energy and make sure your vibes are healthy and high.

Gift Boxes from the Paranormal

We strive to curate unique items in an affordable (but valuable) gift box.  Each month we curate new boxes, each with a different theme from Ancient Mysteries to UFO phenomenon and more.

Bring the Adventure Home

Our gift to our fellow Mavericks is to curate, make deals and bring these gifts to you for an affordable price so you can Bring the Adventure Home.

Limited Supply

Most of our items in our boxes are either specially made for us or come from small suppliers, so if you see a box you like it’s best to grab it now before they’re gone for good.